Welcome to the New Bualuang Website

Welcome to the New Bualuang Website aimed to redefine your investment horizon and help pursue your financial goals with our unique platform and innovative resources. Experience it for yourself at  www.bualuang.co.th

Invest with confidence…with professional guidance and award-winning research.

Connect with ease… through multiple platforms PC/iPhone/iPad/Android.

One-stop investment service… from our comprehensive resources and support.

We have decided to keep the old website until you are accustomed with the new one. Click on the left image to enter the old Bualuang website.


Click on the right image if you are ready to experience the New Bualuang Website.

Step 1 : A unique way to start your investment journey.

  1. Login to your Bualuang iTrading account – a smoother experience with password assistance.
  2. Comprehensive Investment Choices – discover our products and services that help fulfill every lifestyle.
  3. Open an Account Online – follow our fast and simple process for account opening (for new customers only)
  4. Explore our investment tools – that will help you head on the right track with our innovation.
  5. Investment Classroom – make better investing decisions with access to seminars, workshops and educational resources.


Fully compatible across various platforms and browsers e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari7+, IE11+


Gain more from your investments with The New Bualuang iTrading. It is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to provide premium services and innovative solutions for investors.

New Shortcuts… to access your favorite services.

New Connex… always stay connected with BLS Officials and chat with our BLS Customer service for knowledgeable support from anywhere. Learn more about Connex…Click here

New features… fresh tools to enhance your online experience.

Step 2 : An investment portal that is truly yours.

  1. Our Powerful Tools – with one click launch.
  2. Re-designed Menu – full access to our services with a menu that makes sense.
  3. Investment Snapshot – for information and research that matters to you.
  4. Educational Classroom – manage your seminars and make bookings with ease.
  5. Bualuang Connex – an intelligent assistant to make your life easier, with features such as automatic rights and benefits alert, and live chat with our customer support team. Accessible online from the Bualuang website or through your Smart Phone. Click here to download the Connex Application (iPhone / iPad / Android)


Step 3 : full access to our services with a menu that makes sense.

PRE – TRADE … Tools to help you plan your trade.


 Aspen for Browser Installation Manual Click here

eFinanceThai Installation Manual  Click here


TRADE … Invest with more insight and accuracy.


POST – TRADE … Evaluate your portfolio performance and improve your decisions.


E-SERVICES … Transact with ease with our electronic funding and withdrawal services. Review your transactions online with E-Document.

How to sign up for E-ATS Service  Click here



How to fund your account  Click here

How to transfer funds between accounts  Click here

How to withdraw money from your account  Click here


SETTING – customize your account details and control what you see.




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